Our Principles

With ever increasing amounts of petroleum, pesticides, and chemical fertilizers, conventional agriculture has made exceptional gains in productivity over the last century. However, these gains have not been achieved without great cost. Studies have shown significant declines in the nutritional quality of our food, which is mirrored by chronic health issues affecting a large percentage of our population. Farmlands have become sterile monocultures which no longer support the diverse wildlife they once had, and are also now a source of chemical contamination well beyond their boundaries. Over the course of the last century agriculture has become increasingly industrialized and has lost sight of the big picture.

Our approach to farming is an attempt to address many of these issues. We refuse to use chemical pesticides or fertilizers. This eliminates our farm as a source of chemical contamination and also promotes healthy living soils, which form the foundation of nutritional quality in our products.

When we do need to purchase feed for our animals, we make every effort to purchase organic products so that we're not just adding a degree of separation between ourselves and the problems associated with chemical-based agriculture.

What is a "Low Carbon" farm?

We have significant concerns about the future viability of our planet as a result of our industrial society's carbon emissions. With this in mind, we strive to run a low-carbon operation. Our team of draft horses is used for haymaking operations, clipping pastures, logging, plowing, and cultivation. We do still own a tractor (a 1952 Ferguson), but do our best to utilize it as little as possible.

Farm Philosophy

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